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iHost Service provides a wide variety of repair services for your gadgets and various devices.

About our service center

Our service center opened in 2009. Then we were one of the first to repair Apple technology in Moscow. We started with the iPhone and MacBook, and then, when it appeared, we added the iPad. We have learned to carry out even very complex repairs. For example, we separately change matrices on MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air. This is cheaper than replacing the “head” assembly, but the work is painstaking and you can take it only if you have confidence and very straight arms.
We are not just a workshop, but a service: with a polite, clear service and a solid guarantee for repairs. We comply with the deadlines. The prices announced during acceptance do not change magically when you come to pick up the computer from repair. And we honestly say if the device is more likely dead than alive, and investing in it is no longer worth it.

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Discover our service from Apple Authorized Service Center

Authorized services are those that perform repairs according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most often, it is in such services that you apply for the warranty received when you purchase a device.

Apple recommends

  • Do not repair broken iPads. Absolutely. An authorized service will offer a replacement for a new iPad. It is free if the damage is guaranteed.
  • Limited repair of iPhones. The display is changed only in assembly with glass, the period is 5 days. Do the same with batteries and some other parts. In all other cases, they will not repair it, but again they will offer a replacement for a new device.
  • Repair macbooks only in large units. That is, do not change, for example, a separate touchpad or keyboard

Independent services are not binding on Apple. Therefore, they make more different repairs, often faster and cheaper. But there are three cases when you should start right away with an authorized service

  • You have the latest device model. The first few months on the free market there are simply no spare parts for the latest devices. And in official services - is already there.
  • Obviously a warranty failure, and the device has no compromising traces. Scratches, dents, cracks, traces of moisture - all this is the reason to refuse free maintenance.
  • Our honest advice :) sad but true, sometimes we recommend contacting authorized services.

Our advantages


If the damage is guaranteed, the official service repairs the device for free. Non-warranty repairs are more expensive than in an independent service.
Example: broken glass on the seventh iPhone. This is a non-warranty failure. The warranty service will offer a replacement display assembly is much more expensive than in our service.


In the official service you need to draw up documents, and it is unlikely to get a finished device faster than after 30 days.
In an independent service, the repair period depends on the nature of the breakdown and employment. Most often, the finished device can be picked up on the same day.


The official service exchanges either spare parts for large units, or the whole device for a new one at an additional cost.
Independent service puts any spare part in any composition.
Warranty service does not change glass on iPads and does not repair them, in general, at all, even if you really ask. He only exchanges devices for new ones, it costs about not at all cheaply.

Authorized service vs independent

If the breakdown is similar to the warranty, it is better to go to the official service. Or if you are willing to pay extra for a new device and do not want to get involved with the repair.
In other cases, an independent service will make repairs faster and cheaper.

Warranty failures

The main condition is "it happened by itself." That is, there are no visible damages on the device and you never "drowned" the device and did not spill anything on it.
Suppose you put tea on your keyboard a couple of months ago, everything seems to be dry. But there were traces of moisture inside, and the warranty service may refuse a free repair.
Warranty Signs:

  • the phone or tablet does not see the cellular network or Wi-Fi;
  • the device does not turn on;
  • the battery runs out very quickly;
  • the device is overloaded.
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What Problems Can We Fix?

From screen repair to battery replacement, our team of talented repair technicians can find a suitable solution for any device that our customers want us to fix.

Dead Battery
from ֏18,000
Broken Buttons
from ֏12,000
No Signal
from ֏20,000
Non-working Speaker
from ֏10,000
Cracked Screen
from ֏8,000
Water Damage
from ֏5,000